Music Is Mantra

Music Is Mantra


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Music is mantra.


Music is mantra. Halleloo! Hallelujah! A daily meditation chant.

There’s a Zen proverb that goes like this:

“When you walk, walk. When you eat, eat. When you sit, sit.”

To this, I would like to add:

“When you listen to music, just listen to music”.

Fun fact: I composed this song while doing house chores. In addition to my daily mindfulness meditation practice, I like to focus on a single piece of music each day. It gives my mind greater clarity throughout that day. Melody, chords, and percussion are individually complex elements that combine to create one new whole. Meditating on the ‘oneness’ of a complex system brings everything about life into single focus for me. Music is a mantra. Hallelujah!

The recording is pure acapella. There are no effects and no filters. It represents the chant I hear in my mind while I do dishes. It starts as a simple 2 part harmony that gradually rises to a complex choral splendor of sound. I can envision this piece as a temple or church song, but I can just as easily see it as a EDM trance music track. The vocal has an Eastern quality to it, which would pair well with a sitar and perhaps a hand drum. What you hear may be different, and indeed, I hope it is!

May you find mantra in YOUR mix!

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