Need To Dance

Need To Dance


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I just need to dance.
I just need to sweat.
I just need to circulate.
I just need to master fate.


Dance, dance, dance.
I just need to:

Ride the beat
Under my feet.
Feel the heat
Then repeat.

Dance, dance, dance.
Do you get it?

I just need to ride the beat.
I just need to dance.

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EDM Vocal Acapella

I am a dancer, and a dancer’s gotta dance. This song is about that bottled up tension that can only be released when the music’s on, the feet are movin’, and the body’s flowin’. There’s a near-sexual self release that happens, hence the ‘dancerbation’ joke that might make Cyndi Lauper and Billy Idol blush. When the music and body are in groove, it’s a harmonious place to be and behold. Ride the beat all the way to ecstasy, baby! Dance.

Stylistically, this is a fast, sexy, pop, dance track that would be perfect for an electronic EDM house mix. Vocals range from quiet to loud, from fast to slow. The song moves effortlessly as-is, but it still has a lot of room for you to add your own beats. I would love to hear what you come up with. As always, keep me posted!

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