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royalty free female vocals acapellas

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Hi. Thanks for stopping by. I’m Alicatt, a singer and acapella vocalist. I appreciate your interest in my collection of female vocal samples. I’m both the artist and the webmaster here, and I am excited to continue to grow this library. Please feel free to explore and enjoy!

About Me:

My name is Ali, and I’m from Illinois (USA). I love to sing and also dance! I started writing and performing original songs since elementary school. Naturally, I recorded my first studio EP in 1999 and likewise, contributed to many musical collaborations since then. I have also performed live on stage theatrically, in concert, in video, and lastly, in podcasting. Currently, I am re-discovering my interest in recorded music, and as a result am offering you this humble collection of sample chops made in my home studio. I hope you like my work and will bring deeper life to my voice through your own projects. Best of luck to you!

royalty free female vocal samples

Female Vocal Acapellas

I’ll be honest with you. Many of the words on the rest of this page are for search engine optimization for the phrase female vocals acapellas, because that’s what Google wants. So, you don’t have to read it all, but thanks anyway for being here.

Favorite genres: My main interest lies with retro ideas, styles, music, and media. Themes about mid-century living, antique items, and nature are my favorite. I also enjoy old tv shows, movies, and books. I am particularly attracted to the 60’s style of music and entertainment, but also the early electronic and digital age of the 80’s and 90’s. Rock, grunge, and jazz make up the majority of my personal music collection, but I am always discovering value in new artists.

The future: New inspiration strikes me all the time, and I hope my style will inspire you too! I try to approach my projects with a fresh eye and a creative, comedic flair. There is a long list of potential topics for me to explore, and I am excited to have a place on this website to share it all. Again, thank you for coming along on this journey with me. Please consider signing up for my newsletter, so we can stay in touch!

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