Galaxy Girl

Galaxy Girl


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Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars.
The sun is rising,
Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars.
And so am I.

Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars.
Up through the sky,
Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars.
So high.


Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune.
Oh, hello Pluto.

Solar System. Solar System.
The whole system in me.

Galaxy, galaxy,
in me, in me, in me.
The way, the way, the way,
Milky, milky, milky.
Oh my God, I’m so thirsty.
I’m comin’ back down.


Goodbye, Pluto.
Neptune, Uranus, Saturn, Jupiter.

Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars.
A billion stars,
Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars.
in the galaxy.

Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars.
I’ve seen them all,
Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars.
and now, to dream.


A trip through the galaxy and back! Fasten your harness, because this is a strange arrangement. I hope you adventurous musical astronauts will appreciate the journey.

Originally, this piece started as an EDM turned jazzy vocal expression of the 9 planet names. But, then I thought, “Hey, if we’re traveling through the solar system, let’s really take the trip”. That’s when the experience turned more psychedelic.

On the way up, we travel through space from Mercury to Pluto in planetary order, but on the way back, we have a lyrical reverse, traveling from Pluto back to Mercury, where the melody remains the same. The ‘solar system’ and ‘galaxy in me’ portions are inspired by the Ram Dass ‘You ARE the universe’ concept, although I think there’s something perhaps a little naughty there too.

As the piece comes down from up on high, I slowly poke holes through the drug trip, back to reality, where the human is just thirsty and sleepy. The experience has been so real and all-encompassing that dreaming seems like a simple thing.

When it comes to vocal sounds, there are a lot of elements here: Speaking, singing, beatboxing. It is layers upon layers of voice with surprisingly few effects applied. Did I pull it all off? I don’t know, but I imagine I’ve left a few heads shaking with a big WTF black hole overhead. So, in that way… success?

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