Endless War

Endless War


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War, war, war
More war!

They’re on the run
We’re on the run
They got the guns
We got the guns
They killed our sons
We’ll kill their sons
They’re never done
We’re never done

Endless war
What are we fighting for?

They wanna fight
We gotta fight
They stalk at night
We’ll stalk at night
They got no right
We got the right
They think it’s black
We know it’s white

Endless war
What are we fighting for?

War, war, war
More war!

What are we fighting for?

Endless war
Good God
What are we fighting for?


Edwin Starr recorded the definitive anti-war song, and no one will ever do better. But, here is my humble offering to the genre.

‘Endless War’ is not a song about a particular war. It’s a song about all war. Violence only generates more violence, and we all know this. The cycle of war feeds upon itself, feeds upon human lives, and accomplishes nothing. The act is illogical and unjustifiable. In a universe with an infinite number of possibilities, I compel you to choose peace as an alternative. Spread seeds of peace in your daily life, and world peace can grow for us all.

This song’s composition was finished within 15 minutes, which is always the marker of a great hit for me. And then, true to form, it took me a month to get the mixing right. Recording the vocal was also incredibly fast, although it was an emotional bomb for me. I think you can hear in the recording that I believe deeply in what I have said and sung here.

Lyrically and stylistically, this song was inspired by the work of John Lennon, Yoko Ono, and the Imagine Peace foundation. And, of course, the end lyric includes a nod to the aforementioned Edwin Starr, with his gutting delivery of the line “Good God, ya’ll” in the 1970 No. 1 Billboard hit ‘War’.

More than any of my other songs, I hope this one grows wings and takes flight. I thank you in advance for being a part of that. War is over, if you want it.


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