Zodiac: A Dark Female Vocal Acapella

Zodiac: A Dark Female Vocal Acapella

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The mirror in the sky is crystal clear! It’s the Zodiac I believe in.

Just kidding! I think it’s complete bullshit. But, who can resist the entertaining allure of Astrological mythology? And, it’s a great topic for a song! At one time one time or another, we’ve all looked to the sky for answers, and what do we find? Nothing but a cold black blanket with mysterious pinholes of light. Life and the universe are so unknowable that the idea of your “sign” telling you everything you need to know is genius in it’s simplicity.

The chorus is what drives this song. “The Zooodiac. The Zooodiac”. The melody shot out of me like a bolt of lightning. Actually, it was written to be part of another song, titled “Love Signs”. But, it soon became such a dominant presence that I cut it from the original composition and built new verses around it to fit a more mysterious and mystical vibe. The chorus alone is compromised of 4 different vocal recordings, but the truth is, there were dozens. I worked for months to get the pacing correct, because, well… I knew I had something special here, and I wanted to do it justice.

The verses were fun to write. I think there are some interesting rhyme patterns. I mean, how often do you get to rhyme the word “almanac”? The melody is comprised of two vocal recordings… and is decidedly dull. I wanted to make sure all attention pointed to the chorus, with those lovely harmonies on “almanac”, “Aquarian age”, and “crystal clear” pushing you right into the main stream.

In my signature style, there are no FX on this recording. All of the harmonies are human, and even the reverb is overdub. That being said, I think this would make a smash electronic dance song (EDM) in it’s original composition or rearranged. There’s a lot to work with here, and I’m excited to hear how YOU take this song to the next astral plane!


Old ancient
The sign of your life’s

Birth ’til death
into the black.
Just consult your

The zodiac.
It’s the zodiac I believe in.
It’s a good sign
of a bad sign, I’m receivin’.

Elements in
Fire water earth air,

Time bows down
on cosmic stage.
Say goodbye
to the Aquarian age.

The zodiac.
The zodiac constellation.
It’s a 12 sign, a 12 sign

the equation.
Interstellar storyteller’s

Look to the
celestial sphere.
The mirror in the sky
is crystal clear.

The zodiac.
The zodiac. I believe it.
It’s your horoscope from a telescope.
I can see it.

The zodiac.
It’s the zodiac I believe in.
It’s a good sign of a bad sign
I’m leavin’.

The Zodiac.
The zodiac.
I believe it.

I believe it.

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