Gold Digger: An Intense Female Vocal Acapella

Gold Digger: An Intense Female Vocal Acapella

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“I’m a Gold Digger”: The lyric and the melody came to me as I woke up from a dream. Oh, those become the best ideas! Half awake and half-asleep, flushed with a new song in your brain. From bed, I recorded the hook using my voice memo app, and I spent the next 2 months driving myself crazy to get the whole thing right!

The seeds of the song must have come from a recent Stevie Nicks discography jag. Perhaps my unconscious mind created a word stem from ‘Gold Dust Woman’. But, that’s about where the song similarities end. My song tells the story of a black widow / femme fatale who is confident, yet conflicted. She tells you how she will deceive you, but she also advises you to run away. She knows the truth will catch up with her eventually. But, until then: “Catch me if you can.”

The structure of the song has two major parts. The traditional verse + chorus sets you at ease and creates an expectation on how the song will end. But then, the tempo speeds up abruptly and thrusts you into a thrilling end that you never saw coming. I particularly like the use of unexpected silence in the final section. It seems appropriate for the deadly subject matter, don’t you think?


Jewelry in the jewelry box.
Gold and silver diamond rocks.
Furry minks, lynx, and fox.
Money: cash, bonds and stocks.

I’m a gold digger.
Show me big figures.
You’re a bread winner.
Make my meal bigger.

Everyone so easily led.
I’m crawlin’ up inside ya head.
My pistol right beside the bed.
Marry ya and kill ya dead.

cuz I’m a gold digger,
and I’ll pull the trigger.
End your life quicker,
Make myself richer.

I don’t wanna be short-changed.
I’ve always known that life is strange.
I just want a fair exchange.
Mama told me I could change,

but I’m a gold digger,
and a good sinner.
Jesus please deliver.
Cleanse me in the river.

or catch me if you can.

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