Rainbow Acapella

harmonious female acapella about a rainbow
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Who doesn’t love a rainbow? And, I’m not talking about a digital or synthetic rainbow. And, I’m not talking about the symbolism that humans have applied to the rainbow over the long course of history. I’m talking about a for-real, in the sky, post-storm rainbow that can only be accompanied by a shining sun. Two seemingly opposite weather events, rain and sunshine, coming together to create a colorful child. Beholding a rainbow is such a natural, magical moment. And, if you are a sky watcher, knowing when and where to look, you can experience it several glorious times per year.

This Rainbow song follows that transition from rain to sun, beginning like doo-wop and ending like soul. The vocals include some jazzy deliveries and a dreamy transition, which leads to a harmonious finish. I can hear piano, horns, and tambourine in here. Maybe even some good, old-fashioned finger snapping. It’s a unique composition, and I would love to hear YOUR unique version with instrumentals!

2-3 min




Red, orange, yellow, green, blue.


Light, bright, beautiful sight.
Pure delight.
Fade to white.


Primarily complimentary.
Analogously saturating.


Shine, shine, shine.

Now, let the sun shine through
So I can feel it.
Oooh, let the sunshine through
So I can feel it, oooh.

Let the sun shine through.
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue.

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