Rainbow Acapella

harmonious female acapella about a rainbow

Rainbow Acapella

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Who doesn’t love a rainbow? And, I’m not talking about a digital or synthetic rainbow. And, I’m not talking about the symbolism that humans have applied to the rainbow over the long course of history. I’m talking about a for-real, in the sky, post-storm rainbow that can only be accompanied by a shining sun. Two seemingly opposite weather events, rain and sunshine, coming together to create a colorful child. Beholding a rainbow is such a natural, magical moment. And, if you are a sky watcher, knowing when and where to look, you can experience it several glorious times per year.

This Rainbow song follows that transition from rain to sun, beginning like doo-wop and ending like soul. The vocals include some jazzy deliveries and a dreamy transition, which leads to a harmonious finish. I can hear piano, horns, and tambourine in here. Maybe even some good, old-fashioned finger snapping. It’s a unique composition, and I would love to hear YOUR unique version with instrumentals!


Red, orange, yellow, green, blue.


Light, bright, beautiful sight.
Pure delight.
Fade to white.


Primarily complimentary.
Analogously saturating.


Shine, shine, shine.

Now, let the sun shine through
So I can feel it.
Oooh, let the sunshine through
So I can feel it, oooh.

Let the sun shine through.
Red, orange, yellow, green, blue.

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