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Answers about the Standard license

What about Content ID?

I do NOT register my material for Content ID services. YOU should also NOT use Content ID services, because your work contains a licensed (but non-exclusive) sample. A song is only eligible for Content ID services if it contains 100% original content.

Will I be the only license holder?

No. The license is NON-exclusive and will still be for sale after you purchase it. Please note that an exclusive vocal will cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. Just like other beat stores, my acapellas are priced affordably and are available to anyone who would like to work with them. BUT, I do not […]

How do I handle royalty splits?

Under the terms of the license, I will receive a 50% writer and 50% publisher share for my original work. You will receive 50% writer and 50% publisher share for your derivative work. It’s a fair and equal compensation for us both. If you are a Distrokid member, you can easily add me for splits. […]

What are the terms of the standard license?

In a nutshell: Non-Exclusive deal for creation of 1 new song; 10 Yr or 10,000 streams, 10,000 copies; 50% royalty split; Credit required (ie: Feat Alicatt); Original song rights reserved. You can view a sample of the licensing agreement here. After purchase, you will receive a legally binding, signed .pdf copy for your records that […]

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